CAGEMATCH, Episode 12: Brookie is Pretty KICK-ASS

Episode 2 with a full team. Broken ankles, technical difficulties, and Justin being lazy (not really but he’s easy to blame) pushed back the release a couple weeks, but ALAS… we’re still on pace for a monthly episode, though we’re pushing to the third week of the month moving forward instead of the first… whoops… but we’re here, we promise! But it’s time for the important questions…

Is Nicolas Cage a legitimate acting genius?
An utter piece of silver screen trash?
Or somewhere in between?

On this month’s episode, Justin’s wife, and the illicit love of both Loki and Merder, joins to discuss her favorite Cage jawn, Kick-Ass! Spoiler alert, Merder HATES… how much she loves Nic in this one! If you’re watchign along, next month we’re watching 1993’s Deadfall, one of the the couple 0% Rotten Tomatoes films that Nic happens to star in, so maybe Merder will get to truly hate on him again next month, we shall see!

And the contest we promised last month officially drops right here in the show notes (instead of on Instagram)…

It’s easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Let us know your favorite episode of the show and your favorite Cage film in the comments for this episode
  3. Winner of the Willy’s Wonderland 4K/Blu-ray from Scream! Factory will be announced on the next episode, which we’re recording the week after next… so get your entry in 11:59 PM EST on Monday, April 8th!

SPECIAL THANKS to The O’Mulligans for allowing us to use their fantastic track “Cage Rage” as our official theme song! Listen to “Cage Rage” on Bandcamp and support the band!

Follow us on Instagram at @cagematchpodcast to be a part of the show. We’ll be posting more over there now and will have more opportunities for giveaways and other fun stuff over there, too! You can check out Loki, Merder, Justin, and The Farsighted over there too.

The Farsighted is also on Xitter (pronounced “shitter”) and Facebook too, so join the discussion.

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