Les Techno Returns with a New Single: “In the Sunshine”

Les Techno is not a new name to the Farsighted faithful, as we’ve been checking out the superstar producer’s solo output for a few years now, ever since he turned our heads in June 2018. With his signature 80’s new wave inspired sound, he is back with yet another tune that shows his ability to write great melodies and catchy singalong lyrics, while infusing his unique David Byrne-esque offbeat nature into every note.

With groove oriented bass lines, jazzy drums, and his own unique brand of alternative rock and freeform jazz fusion guitars. With a flavor that will tantalize fans of Gary Numan, Brian Eno, Velvet Underground, Bowie, Lou Reed, and Psychelic Furs alike, Les Techno has a sound that Gen Xers will adore and today’s throwback obsessed kids will fall for. “In the Sunshine” is a great song to help you float into the Summer.

Check out more from Les Techno at his website and his Soundcloud page.

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