Experience the Waking Dream that is Fabel’s MINDS

On their latest release – Minds – the Australian experimental dream pop Fabels channel the ambient transcendent soundscapes of Sigur Ros, the pixie vocals and aesthetics of Bjork (even including production from famed Icelandic producer Geir Brillian Gunnarsson), and the rock sensibilities of the classic shoegaze acts of the 80s and 90s to create a unique sound that is hard not to get lost in. There is great musicianship, exquisite toying with synthesized sounds, and sometimes stripped down but sometimes lush backdrops of sound at play here, but – most of all – the dreamlike quality of the Fabels sound truly cannot be overstated.

Released in October, the album is available both digitally and on CD via their Bandcamp. Since that time, they’ve release several studio session videos (see “Piccolo” below), two official music videos (for title track “Minds” and “ShereKhan“) and have garnered a great deal of well deserved praise. With great standout tracks like the ethereal “Piccolo” and the powerful spoken word poetry of “Hinsaw”, the album plays well as individual track but even better as a 54 minute waking dream.

Listen to the album on all major platforms now or check out the band’s website for touring info, future and past projects, and more. A truly riveting experience, Minds by Fabel is something music fans of any variety can almost certainly enjoy

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