Modern Monsters Bring the Fury and the MALICE

Five tracks of modern rock fury, Malice is the latest EP from Bay area rockers Modern Monsters. With a sound that blends traditional hard rock, modern punk, and a decidedly grunge influence, Modern Monsters have a sound that fits in today and would equally fit in a decade ago or even in the late 90s. Blending a variety of influences, a disruptive punk rock ethos, and a passionate furious sound, Modern Monsters are loud, talented, and catchy as hell… and, they are clearly pissed off.

With four originals – including the above single “Road to Nowhere” – and a cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic “White Rabbit”, the EP release on March 24th on all platforms. The opener, “March 3rd, ’91” brings a grunge influence that fans of Soundgarden and the Seattle sound will surely appreciate. “Prism” feels a bit less grungier, but no less powerful. While the “Road to Nowhere” has the catchiest hooks on the whole EP, while still retaining the harder edge the rest of the EP exemplifies (making it the obvious choice for a lead single, so kudos on that decision).

Before the closing track hits, we’re treated to the cover of “White Rabbit”, an oft-covered classic psychedelic rock tune. While the original is stellar, sometimes seeing a song that’s been covered so many times before on a tracklist can be a cause of concern – but not in this case. Making the song all their own while retaining its original bite, this may be the single best rock covers of the song among the hundreds available today.

The album then closes on a perfect note, which a hard driving, head banging, singalong called “Greed Machine” that has a definitively California metal sound. If these NorCal boys were to perform this gem down on the Strip, it would be sure to get the aging metalheads that still frequent the bars there just as stoked as the kids in the clubs up in the Bay. Blendign that Sunset Strip sound with some Suicidal Tendencies, there’s a truly California sound on this one that makes it a perfect punctuation to the EP.

A fantastic showing from Modern Monsters that rock fans young and old need to make a point to check out when it drops on the 24th.

You can find the album and the band everywhere by visiting their LinkTree or heading over to

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