Wilco Meets Lennon at a “Hotel in the Sky”

Brady Harris is a contemporary Americana troubadour with a throwback sound and obvious influences from some of the greats of pop and rock. With song writing and construction that’s very clearly influenced by the late great John Lennon, as well as the alt-country flair of artists like Wilco and Ryan Adams, Harris has an appeal that classic rock buffs, indie rockers, and neotraditional country fans alike will easily glom onto.

The title track of his latest EP, Hotel in the Sky, feels like it’s made of equal parts “Daytrippers”, the Portland hipster scene, Soul Coughing B-sides, Waylon Jennings, and Uncle Tupelo. It’s American roots-rock with a decided Beatles influence and sets the tone for a 5 song cocktail made with the same recipe.

With a bit more psychedelia on some tracks – “Welcome Back To The Comedown”, for example – and a bit more 70s singer-songwriter vibe on others – closing track “Chateau Hill” – the EP isn’t all one note, but the sound feels unified and defined by an appreciation for classic rock, modern indie, and Americana roots. The opener – the title track “Hotel in the Sky” – really kicks it off perfectly, though.

Grab the full EP today at Brady Harris’s Bandcamp or stream it now on Spotify.

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