Explore “Happiness” with Texas Based Duo Millenium Resorts

If you’re familiar with my writing outside of this site, you may know that my primary non-Farsighted output is for an outlet called Cinapse that is based out of Austin, Texas. Known as one of the world greatest movie towns, Austin also has a thriving music scene, with hipsters, weirdos, and alt rockers all putting their unique stamps on it. Among my recent favorites are a few standout electronic projects, with none better than Scott Raulie and Jonathan Richerson’s Millenium Resorts.

“Happiness” the latest single from forthcoming concept album In The Key of David and it genuinely rocks. With an 80s new wave vibe and modern influences seeping in, the track from the duo is produced by The Gluten Freemasons and has been released both as a 4:50 radio cut and a 7:50 album track. Both versions really work, with the latter simply be a lengthier version with the same vibe as the radio cut. Of course, as a fan on the track, I prefer the longer version because it nearly doubles the time I get to spend with the track.

The repeated refrain of “happiness is overrated” firmly entrenches this song as the type of new wave flavored indie electro that the goths can get down with. Fans of everything from the Cure to Depeche Mode to modern acts like M83 will find in “Happiness” a song that presents a strong promise for what is to come with In The Key of David‘s upcoming January drop.

Check out the track below via Spotify and follow more from the duo on their Instagram.

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