12 Slays, Day 4: SANTA ISN’T REAL… or Is He?

If you missed my brief intro to this series and haven’t caught on to this fact, holiday horror is one of my favorite subgenres of my favorite genre of film. I love horror of all types, but Christmas centric and Winter themed horror are sincerely among my all time faves. I kicked this series off with a stellar one that I watch yearly, but today I’m highlighting our first of a few new entries into the Holly Jolly Horror collection… 2023’s Santa Isn’t Real.

Known to many in the genre as a producer of the 2019 remake of Black Christmas, Zac Locke is back in the Christmas horror game with the brand new low budget killer Santa entry, Santa Isn’t Real. While I can’t say the 2019 film was anything I plan to rewatch anytime soon, Locke jumping in full steam as writer/director seems to have done the trick, as his new Christmas film is a blast. Opening up with our lead, Nikki (Kaya Coleman), being attacked by someone in a Santa costume with a horrifying Santa mask. She almost dies, but wakes up after nearly an entire year in a coma.

When she awakens, she realizes that she is believed by everyone to have tried to kill herself, as her primary wound is on her wrist and is consistent with a suicide attempt. As there was no sign of struggle or break in, the logic points to everyone’s suspicions being correct, but Nikki knows the truth. She explains to her friends the truth and claims that the reason there were no signs of forced entry are that her attacker was the real Santa, who must have entered through the chimney. While her friends are mixed on their reactions, they try to support her and they bring her along on a Christmas trip to a cabin.

The trip begins to go awry when the electricity goes out and bad things start happening. It soon becomes clear that anyone that believes Santa isn’t real may be dead wrong. Bloody deaths and jingle bells abound until the true twists and turns begin.

A fun addition to the holiday horror viewing guide, Santa Isn’t Real is a well worth a watch or 3. If you’re looking for something new this holiday season, check out Santa Isn’t Real on Amazon Prime, VUDU, or your favorite VOD provider.

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