SoundBytes: MVI Transports Us to the Irish “Cliffs of Mohr”

It seems this week I’m listening to more instrumental music than one may expect. This could be because one of my goals for 2024 is to read at least a book a week and lyrical music makes reading damn near impossible to me – though sheer silence is sometimes equally deafening. I generally turn to my favorite hip hop instrumentals and the music of Unwed Sailor. But, this week I’ve been looking to venture out in my instrumental diet.

MVI – aka Mark Vickness Interconnected, the virtuoso collective of Mark Vickness – has a new album that has filled this duty admirably several times in the past week. There is, however, one song that pulls me out of my reading and leads me to daydream about a sunny day hiking through the green hills of Ireland… “On The Cliffs of Mohr” (video below).

Beginning with subtlety and serenity before moving into playful Celtic frolicking, “On The Cliffs of Mohr” reminds me why I love quite a bit of Irish music – even if the ensemble performing it happens to be from San Francisco. The song moves through a few movements that highlight a variety of tempos, styles, and emotions. Somehow the song transports the listener away on a lovely trip to the Emerald Isle and back in less than 5 minutes. A true musical journey that I am very happy to have discovered and urge you to check out too.

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