Badass Chicks Makes Badass Flicks: Interview with Sarah Alexandra Marks

Saban’s new action thriller Escape, for fans of films like Taken and Revenge, is out now. We were lucky enough to catch up with star Sarah Alexandra Marks. Check out her thoughts on the film, where else you can check her out, and more below…

Let’s dive right in, Sarah. Who is Sarah Alexandra Marks?

Hello to all your readers and thank you for the interview. I’m a British actress, writer, and producer. When I’m not working on a project, I enjoy painting and dancing. I cherish the simple things in life, one of my favourite things to do is take long walks and listen to the robins sing.

You’ve been in a variety of things from River of Blood to upcoming horror The Manor of Darkness to a variety of other genre work, what would you say are your favorite types of roles to perform?

I enjoy every part of the process – from the moment I read the first draft, creating a backstory and ultimately breathing life into my characters . I can’t possibly pick a favourite, I have enjoyed the variety of all of the roles I have played. However, recently I had a lot of fun with Jasmine who I play in River of Blood.

Were you always drawn toward these types of films? What are some of your personal all time favorites?

I have always been drawn to the creative act of storytelling. It’s a wonderful process regardless of genre, though I do enjoy acting in action and horror movies. Some of my all time favourites are Scream and the Mission Impossible franchise, it would be a dream to work alongside someone like Tom Cruise one day.

In your latest, you seem to have dove right into the action star phase of your young career. What other action roles have you had? Do you feel like those prepared you for this latest one? And what other roles that you’ve had do you feel like you were able to draw from in preparing for this one?

Alongside Escape I have another huge action movie, River of Blood, currently in post production. My dance background has enabled me to pick up fight choreography and stunt work well. The more you get to put the skill into action the better you become and more directors are able to see what you are capable of. On Escape we had great fight choreographers which are reflected in the intensity of some of the sequences in the movie.

Other than being an action thriller, what can you tell us about the film? How about a few sentence sales pitch to get us excited to check it out.

A girls vacation, turns into a fight for survival. Sand, sun and beautiful girls running through canyons, kicking ass. What more could you want?! I do as much running as Tom Cruise but in heels!

Thanks again for taking a few minutes for a short chat, before we go I’d like to pick you brain a bit about your other projects. Besides checking out Escape, what projects of yours are you most proud of? Which ones should our readers check out?

Be sure to keep an eye out for River of Blood also directed by Howard J Ford and written by Tom Boyle. The Manor of Darkness, directed by Blake Ridder and produced by Lucas A Ferrara is almost ready for the horror fans out there.

After this, what’s on the horizon for you? What are you working on next?

I’m in discussion with a few directors and writers about roles in some projects shooting this summer. I’m also developing a feature length script based on my short film Snowdrop and producing a film for another writer who has a fantastic horror script. I believe it’s important for actors to stay proactive – “create don’t wait”

Thanks again, to follow what else you have in store, where can people follow you on social media and the web?

You can follow my work on Instagram @sarahamarks and you can find my short film Snowdrop on YouTube [below]

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