Post Death Soundtrack Lifts the Veil and Unleashes the Fury

Heavy, melodic, and sludgy as all hell, Post Death Soundtrack’s new album Veil Lifter blends a groove heavy brand of doom metal with elements of thrash, hardcore, and the Seattle sound, all the while paying homage to proto-metal and the harder side of classic rock. Influence and inspiration is clearly drawn from all eras and styles of hard rock and alternative music, ranging from The Beatles to Soundgarden to Sabbath to CoC. To put it bluntly, Veil Lifter is heavy, well crafted, and hits like a thud to the chest.

After a brief 30 second introduction, the album dives right into the deep end with a “Come Together” reference and a track that will have Alice in Chains fans thanking the great Lord below. “The Die is Cast” is not only the opening track, but it sets the tone with a sludge drenched homage to classic 90s grunge with just a touch of Geezer Butler in there for good measure. While this opener is the personal favorite of this heavy music aficionado, there are 9 more tracks to follow.

Post Death Soundtrack is Stephen Moore on vocals and guitars and Jon Iresonon on bass. The album also includes the great Casey Lewis on drums. Moore, a stalwart in the independent music world is most recently known for his world as a successful promoter who specializes in helping independent acts boost their online presence – but with PDS, he is reminding people that he’s not just a behind-the-scenes presence. With powerful lyrics and a vocal style that would feel at home in the heyday of the Seattle sound, Moore leads this power duo/trio in a direction that feels like it’s just getting started.

While the album is full realized and as strong as any in the metal world today, it feels like it’s just the beginning. It feels like the first roar for a lion that isn’t quite at it’s strongest yet – a predator that is just developing its taste of blood. With catchy, hard rock radio friendly tracks like “Arjuna’s Hunting Hand” and deeply emotive tracks like “Immovable” – a deep and introspective track dedicated to Moore’s father – there’s a ton hear for hard rock and metal fans of all shapes and sizes. Yet, like a great rock album should, it leaves you wanting more.

You can check out the full album below, including standout tracks like the ones mentioned above, as well as powerful closer “Hammer Come Down” and brash “Lowdown Animal”. Find all contact info, social media, and more at

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