Blaine Bickers with Bickert and Justin Chimes in… Occasionally: GRINDHOUSE MESSIAH Talks Women and Wheels

Who the hell is Jimmy Bickert? Well, one of Blaine’s buddies for starters. Mostly, though, he’s a director and a film buff who joined us to talk about Sweet Sugar, Werewolves on Wheels, and his recent exploitation film Frankenstein Created Bikers. Dude is a veritable encyclopedia of film knowledge, from sleaze to arthouse and beyond.

This is a fun chat, not much in the way of faith implications this go around, but we’ll be going head first into theology with the craziest Christian filmmaker around next week… that’s right, gorehound and Jesus-freak Stephen Biro from Unearthed Films is our next guest.

Stay tuned for lots of great deep discussion ahead, but for now enjoy a really fun chat with James… something we need with the recent losses of George Romero, John Heard, and Martin Landau.

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