¢a$h ¢ollab$ vol. 1 – Hawaii’s Emcee Extraordinaire KWALIFIED

Welcome to the first episode of ¢a$h ¢ollab$, where rapper/musician Cash Hendrix talks with other artists about their craft and collaborates with them to create something dope. With his dad in tow, Cash waxes poetic with rappers, musicians, producers, and all types of artists about their music, their scene, and why they do what they do. Stay tuned monthly for new interviews, new collaborations, and more.

On this first episode, Cash welcomes longtime friend of The Farsighted, Kwalified. They talk about the Hawaiian scene, Kwal’s journey in the rap game, and what its like being an OG who’s been doing hip hop for over 20 years. And theey drop a sneak preview of their collaboration, “Miss Me”, which drops on Spotify and other outlets tomorrow – Friday, June 30th.

Check out Kwalified on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

And don’t forget to follow Cash’s music over at Spotify, too!

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