Curtain Jerkers, Episode 21: Long Live The Funker – Remembering Terry Funk

Before we dive into the episode, have you seen our badass logo? Awesome designer Trais Colton Barhaug rocked that for us and you should go support him now! T-shirts, pins, and stickers are on their way.

Thanks to Justin’s long time friend, Kwalified, a diehard wrestling fan and dope emcee hailing from Hawaii, for our great intro song.

Due to the Skate or Die Film Fest, Justin got this episode out a full week later than he intended… but what’s new? He’s always slow as hell, so ya’ll should be used to it. When he references a discount code for the fest, it’s a bit late… but alas, what are we if not consistent. Doug is consistently timely and knowledgeable, Justin is consistently overbooked and running behind. We’d apologize and say it won’t happen again, but we’re not liars.

We are, however, huge fans of Terry Funk. On this episode, we celebrate him with 3 matches and a great film in which he has a fun but part. Check out our thoughts on 3 distinct eras of The Funker, as well as the 1989 Swayze joint, Roadhouse.

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