Curtain Jerkers, Episode 9: Craig Liggeons VS. Captain Freedom – The Jerks Take on THE RUNNING MAN

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Thanks to Justin’s long time friend, Kwalified, a diehard wrestling fan and dope emcee hailing from Hawaii, for our great intro song.

On this 9th episode of Curtain Jerkers, Doug and Justin are joined by the famed WMMR “Black Listna”, nerdy podcaster, hilarious comedian, diehard wrestling fan, and all around awesome guy Craig Liggeons! If a few references feel a bit outdated, that’s because Justin took 2 extra weeks to post this episode. Call it laziness, call it being busy, or call it whatever you will… he promises he is sorry.

Along with the aforementioned guest extraordinaire, the Jerks talk the classic Arnold joint The Running Man and a couple “classic” matches from none other than Jesse “The Body” Ventura. The tables have turned from last month where the film wasn’t stellar but the matches were… but you’ll have to listen to hear exactly how these matches and movie went over with the trio of podcasters.

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We’ll be back next month with another great (or not-so-great) movie and more great (or not-so-great) wrestling.

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