Episode 32: Music and Movies in the Digital Age, Part 1

Note: Due an editing faupaux (something I should be famous for at this point) you’ll notice that there are a few minutes at the end that weren’t originally part of the podcast. I decided not to fix them, however, because Darrin actually has some interesting things to say that are worth listening to. We talk shop a bit, but nothing you can’t hear.

In this one we scratch the surface of a fascinating question: what does it mean to be an artist in this age of media democratization?

Our guests are awesome this week! And read the bottom of the show notes to see how you can win free swag.


Andrew Vladeck AKA Fireships, is a founding member of The Honey Brothers (yeah, the band with Vinny Chase on drums). He has a lot of interesting stuff to say about music, distribution, and the digital landscape. You should check him out on Bandcamp and Facebook. And don’t forget to follow him on Twitter as part of this week’s giveaway.

GrindhouseDarrin Uzynski is the creator and curator of The Grindhouse Channel on Roku. He’s a lot of fun and he’s donating several prizes for an upcoming giveaway. So stay tuned for that one too!

To win free music this week, just follow @TheFarsighted and @fireshipsnyc and tweet at us that you want to win a copy of the new album! That’s it!

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