Episode 7: Natalie Explains It All

Here is the latest podcast episode, it features Natalie Grace McKay. Natalie is a friend I met on the Interwebs who shares her story as a transgender female. She writes for The Salt Collective along with her friend Lawrence Richardson. Here is some music from a great local MN band that she mentions in the podcast:

Also, as a bonus, since this episode actually released almost two weeks ago and I hadn’t blogged on it yet, I was able to forward some of the questions I received for Natalie as follow up to the podcast. You can read them below.

What role does your sexuality play in your decision to be transgender? Are you attracted to males or females? Are you currently in a relationship?

Sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with gender identity. I don’t know why this question is still being asked. It is like when a gay man is asked “So who is the woman in the relationship?” Neither. They are both men. As far as my own sexual orientation goes, I don’t see how this is relevant. I might consider myself straight, a lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or whatever. This is information for whoever I happen to be dating and doesn’t have anything to do with how I express my gender.

Do you think you would have come to understand yourself as transgender without listening to Against Me! and if so, what else do you think may have been that “Aha” moment for you instead?

I don’t know how else things would have played out. I was very scared to ask questions and reach out for help. I had been listening to Against Me! since I was a teenager and Laura Jane Grace happened to put things in a way that I understood. At the time I had already been getting to know other trans people. I would have probably figured it out after a while simply with their influence. But seeing another person who I could relate to made me feel less alone in my experience. Laura coming out didn’t just help me come to terms with my gender issues, it reconnected me to my punk and hardcore roots. It helped me remember where I came from and in turn gave me the courage to come to terms with who I am.

Can you share some links of sites where I can read about faith and trans issues? Especially the writings of the pastors you mentioned.

Do a google search on Lawrence Richardson and Shannon Kerns. The later having run a blog called The Anarchist Reverend. [NOTE: Link above to site that Lawrence writes for and here’s a link to Shannon’s site]

Do you know any other music made by trans artists that I could check out?

Venus DeMars is the first to come to mind. She has been performing as a transgender musician and artist since the early 90’s. She and I recently started jamming together. Be excited. Katastrophe is a trans hip hop artist. Those are the two that stick out to me.

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