Talking Larry Clark’s KIDS and BULLY with the Incredible Danny Franzese

Before we dive into the show notes, just a reminder that all of our episodes are sponsored by the wonderful degenerates over at Vinegar Syndrome. Get ready for their Halfway to Black Friday Sale at the end of May!

So, after you’re done plotting your purchases, let’s get on to the show…

No disrespect to any of our previous guests but Danny Franzese immediately joins our Rushmore as one of the best. He’s raw and honest, willing to share what he loves and cares about. As an outspoken LGBTQ activist and an unashamed Christian, Danny stands in an interesting place in Hollywood. His big heart and immense talent are what define him most, however. His numerous roles in a wide variety of films have demonstrated just how strong and diverse a screen presence he can be.

On this episode (which is dropping on Danny’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY), we talk about two films by the controversial director Larry Clark, 1995’s Kids and 2001’s Bully. Danny discusses how important a film Kids was to him growing up and how it eventually led to his being cast in Bully. The films are both brutal and powerful, and we get a bit of the inside scoop on how it all went down.

The real highlight of this one is Danny sharing with us about his life and career. We were truly honored that he was willing to spend some time with us. And, we’ll definitely have him back on down the road to dive into some of his gorier, nastier roles.

Check out Danny’s website,, where you can find all of his social media links and his comedy tour dates.

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