The Farchive Episode 10: Happy Belated Father’s Day from LUCKY LOUIE and the Roebucks

A faith based film is something I rarely have much faith in… but Lucky Louie from Daniel and Grace Roebuck is a pretty damn fun one. Daniel is a long time Hollywood vet and his daughter has been working behind the scenes for several years now, this being her directorial debut. The pair were a blast to talk to.

You’ll hear some technical errors and goofs from our Zoom interview on the pod, but I decided to leave them in as the father/daughter relationship on display in our call was fantastic. Highlighting that, I originally put this podcast up on Father’s Day, but had to pull it down and report later in the week due to some podcast feed issues I was having.

But, alas… with fresh show notes and a newly recorded intro, the interview is here and I think you’ll enjoy it a lot!

Stream Lucky Louie on A Channel of Peace.