Vinegar Syndrome Presents… Grindhouse Messiah Rings in the New Year with UNION FURNACE

So… a bunch of computer issues, a lot of life stuff, and a good bit of Justin being a lazy shit has lead to an episode recorded in September getting released a SOLID 3 and a half months late. But, it’s worth the wait. Despite some sound issues, the conversation is awesome when Blaine and Justin chat up Mike Dwyer and Nicholas Bushman of the awesome horror/exploitation/thriller Union Furnace.

Mike, Nick, Blaine, and Justin talk about one of Union Furnace‘s big influences, They Shoot Horses Don’t They, off screen horror, economic depression, and some fun shit too. Enjoy the episode and support the film.

And don’t forget to support Vinegar Syndrome, whom we have a nice little chat about here. We’re hoping they’ll keep sponsoring us through 2018 and we’re so thankful they’ve been with us through now! Thanks to James and the crew over there!

Some links:

Metropol Pictures (Nick and Mike’s Company)
Union Furnace on Twitter
Union Furnace on Facebook

Altar (mentioned in introduction) on Amazon Video

Grindhouse Messiah on Twitter
Justin on Twitter
Blaine on Twitter
The Farsighted on Twitter

Thanks and we’ll be back with a BRAND NEW episode and some big news, NEXT WEEK!

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