I Just Came for the Peeps, Part 1


As a part of my new column I Just Came for the Food, I’m setting out to try all of the new Easter flavors of Just Born Inc.’s popular candy, Peeps.

Peeps currently offers an interesting variety of flavors, many of which are specific store exclusives. Today, I will be reviewing Sour Watermelon and Blue Raspberry flavored marshmallow chicks, but before I get into that; here’s what you have to look forward to:

Walmart Exclusives:

● Blue Raspberry flavored chicks
● Mystery flavored chicks #1
● Mystery flavored chicks #2
● Mystery flavored chicks #3
● Bubblegum flavored chicks
● Sour Watermelon flavored chicks

Kroger Family Stores Exclusive:

● Fruit Punch flavored chicks

Dollar Tree Exclusives:

● Orange cre’me flavored chicks
● Strawberry cre’me flavored chicks

Target Exclusives:

● Vanilla Delight flavored chicks
● Blueberry Delight flavored chicks
● Lemon Delight flavored chicks
● Lime Delight flavored chicks
● Raspberry Delight flavored chicks
● Strawberry Delight flavored chicks (also at CVS)

Walgreens Exclusives:

● Cotton Candy flavored chicks

CVS Exclusives:

● Orange cre’me flavored bunnies
● Strawberry Delight flavored chicks (also at Target)

Now lets get down to business…

Sour Watermelon Peeps

This might be my new favorite candy! (At least my favorite peeps) The sour watermelon flavor is subtle and honestly not very sour, but that is not bad in this case. It’s what I consider “delightfully tangy”. The chick itself is a light pink marshmallow coated in a bright green sugar. A perfect peep.

My Rating: StarsStarsStarsStarsStars

Blue Raspberry Peeps

These, contrary to the packaging, are the actual sour candy of the two flavors. However, I do not consider this to be good. The flavor is a little to tart for my tastes, but sour lovers should celebrate Blue Raspberry Peeps arrival. Bonus: The bright blue marshmallow and sugar coating turns your tongue blue in seconds!

My Rating: StarsStarsStarsStars

Next time: Mystery peeps 1 & 2.

Anastasia Byrd
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