Follow Friday

Friday is here! Start your weekend off right with these social media finds…

The Adventuring Adventurer
When we need a funny, nerdy meme to brighten our day, the Adventuring Adventurer comes to our rescue!



Dave Alvarez Studios
Dave Alvarez Studios produces amazing work. I do miss me some Harold Ramis and seeing this recently made me smile…



Marcus Perez
Boots-n-cats-n-boots-n-cats. OK – I am jealous of people who can really beatbox, especially Marcus Perez. Oh, and beatbox with Siri? Marcus got you.



Do you have any favorites that deserve more followers? Comment below with your picks!

Social Media Guru / Running Man Champion
A programmer who once played the part of Othello in college, taught English to high school students, and ate two entire plates of disco fries in one sitting, Efren (aka "eslice") has been contributing to The Farsighted since its inception. When he's not working the command line or writing up his weekly Follow Friday, he's strumming on his acoustic guitar - but be on the lookout for his infamous bathroom stall serenades. You've been warned.

"Censorship, Google, and Channing Tatum."
- George Washington, when asked what three things would change the landscape of our future.
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