Thoughts in a Crowded Room

Can I kick it?
Like A Tribe Called Quest
More like a poet
With something on my chest
Real world anxiety
Splitting up my social life
Post Traumatic Stress
Causing all kinds of strife
They say it’s bi-polar
But I guess we all go up and down
Happy times
Then putting on a frown
I got life
Wrapped in these aging bones
Looking for messages
In a world of texting smart phones
In a drunken ass world
Feeling stressed
Like a rock being hurled
Like a bat from a Rivera cutter
Off course
Like a ship without a rudder
Hard times
In this ever changing land
Looking for smiles
Like an out stretched hand
Won and lost in the crush
Caught up in life’s rush
Pain in numbers
Slapping me like a dueling hand
Met with a legged locked stand
Out of Front Street
Putting up my stone walls
Talking bullshit
Showing I still have balls
Night time
Brings me out to socialize
Self conscienceless
Makes it hard to rationalize
True friends
Trying to hold me up
Just to fill my cup
It comes and goes
In my eyes beginning to show
Writing thoughts
By moonlight window pains
Pouring out
Like a summer rain
On the sun to rise
For a kind surprise
Like my blunt smoked days
Knees bruised
Offering requests and praise
In the face of this adversity
In the cold damp city
Is my weapon against time
Creating a dope rhyme
Gotta keep that from catching me
I need my people
Their love is what keeps me free

Jeremy Ritch
Jeremy Ritch is a published writer and poet currently traveling the U.S. working on his next book. Jeremy has had many interesting life experiences and you can hear about some of them on Episode 3 of The Farsighted Podcast. You can get your hands on Jeremy's collections of poetry at his Lulu store. If you prefer you books digitally, Sidewalk Stories and Other Poems is available for Kindle at a discount price. The long and the short of it is that Jeremy likes to write and we all like to read what he writes.
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