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Last week I gave you a double feature of selections to check out from the site’s man-in-charge, Darrin. Next week, I’ll give you part 2 of Darrin’s picks, featuring one classic exploitation film and a one you probably don’t know. There will be some torture and there will be some sleaze. It’s certain to grind your gears.

But this week, it’s my turn. This week you get a double of my selections. This week, I base my selections on films that I first heard about from the hosts of one of my podcasts, Killer POV. The podcast, in that form, ended a month or so ago, but from it’s ashes arose Shock Waves. Slightly different format, new website hosting it, but same great content. Below are two films that I heard about from Rebekah McKendry, Rob Galuzzo, and/or Elrich Kane. Enjoy these films and enjoy their podcast!

Messiah of Evil

First up, 1973’s Messiah of Evil is one that all of the members of Killer POV/Shockwaves have discussed. If I recall correctly, Elrich is a huge fan. In fact, I’m pretty sure the whole crew is… but I digress.

IMDB summarizes the plot of Messiah of Evil as follows:

A young woman goes searching for her missing artist father. Her journey takes her to a strange Californian seaside town governed by a mysterious undead cult.

A surreal horror film where well dressed hordes of zombie-like cannibals create discomfort and dread. It’s at once an art film and a genre flick, linear while also non-linear. The film nods to Romero’s original zombie film from a few years prior, as well as 1962’s Carnival of Souls, in many ways. It’s dark and dreary, oozing with social commentary. Everyone in town is weird, even those who don’t turn. Nothing is normal. Nothing is okay. Fans of Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy will see much of what became the cornerstone for Fulci to build from. An interesting horror film to say the least.

Night Evelyn Came Out

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave is a giallo film and one of the two covered in Royal’s inaugural Bloodstained and Hard Boiled column. While the picture on The Grindhouse Channel is certainly not as gorgeous as the transfer on Arrow’s new release of the film, you can see it in a respectable format for free or as part of your part subscription (THEN go out and buy the Arrow release, if you see fit).

The first movie comes to us heavily recommended by the Killer POV/Shockwaves crew, the latter was one where Rebekah had less than stellar reviews. However, both are worth your time and you can see them free or cheap over at the Grindhouse.

See y’all next week… and keep grindin’.

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