I Just Came for the… VENOM

My journey to review these two ninety-nine cent energy drinks has been pretty interesting. It wasn’t hard to actually acquire said beverages (they are sold around the corner from my house at two different gas stations), but it was hard to obtain a promotional photograph of these new Venom Flavors. I emailed the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group who manufactures Venom Energy drinks, and they were not even able to produce a photograph of Watermelon Lime or Black Cherry Kiwi (which seemed odd right?) Anyway, I ended up just taking the photographs myself. Without further ado:


I cannot rave enough about the Watermelon Lime flavor. With just 20 calories per can, you don’t have very guilty about the empty calories. It has the best artificial watermelon flavor of any soda I’ve ever had.

Rating: StarsStarsStarsStarsStars

Black Cherry Kiwi is also, a really great new flavor for the Venom line. The kiwi and black cherry flavors blend perfectly for a fresh summer-like burst of energy. Seriously delicious on a hot day.

Rating: StarsStarsStarsStars

Anastasia Byrd
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