Spotlight on Primal Rite’s DIRGE OF ESCAPISM

Who is Primal Rite?

Lucy – Vocals
Jake – Guitar
Jason – Guitar
Fred – Guitar
Max – Bass
Jeremy – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Chapter Zero
2. Akumajo (Blood)
3. AntiVenom
4. Interference
5. Demon
6. Sensory Link to Pain
7. Bu Zhi Chun
8. Persona
9. Ecstatic Agony
10. Immutable Law

Coming from the Bay Area and combining elements of hardcore, punk, crunch and thrash metal Primal Rite busts out of the 2018 musical gate with their ten track full length from Revelation Records called Dirge Of Escapism. The overlaying themes of the record are mental health and questions of Identity which are subjects I deal with on a daily basis. That makes this recording something I can personally relate to and that more special.

Primal Rite is a band to watch out for in 2018 and beyond and this album will undoubtedly be one of the top 10 records of 2018 and be hailed as a hardcore metal masterpiece. In closing, you owe it to yourself to buy a copy and if the band plays nearby you, go see them because they are worth your hard-earned cash and support!

Check out a couple of the standout tracks:

Solid 7 out of 10. Recommended.

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