“In a Twinkling” Shines in Christmas Horror Anthology ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING

The Christmas season is here, and with it comes a sack full of yuletide terror to keep horror fans warm. Be it Santa based slashers, endless Krampus creature features, or annual anthologies, holiday horror has something for everyone.

All the Creatures Were Stirring, written and directed by David Ian and Rebekah McKendry is of the latter variety. An anthology that features a variety of tales told through a Kafkaesque wraparound that is both interesting and baffling.

The individual stories themselves are a mixed bag. The 1st tale started off strong and spoke to me. I dislike office parties and really hate white elephant gift giving with a passion. Unfortunately, as promising as it appears, it doesn’t quite stick the landing. The stories, for the most part, seem to end pretty abruptly. This may be due to trying to put too much content into a tidy 80 minute bow wrapped package.

One highlight for me is the story “In a Twinkling”. What starts off as a presumed werewolf or were-deer story goes into extreme bonkers territory reminiscent of something from the mind of Larry Blamire (Lost Skeleton of Cadavra).

Though it’s not something I would consider traditional holiday viewing, I enjoyed watching All the Creatures Were Stirring enough to keep my eye out on future projects from the McKendrys.

Dino Gangale
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