Lin Shaye’s ROOM FOR RENT is a Lifetime Film, Except Good

Uncork’d Entertainment presents Room for Rent starring Lin Shaye, dropping on May 3, 2019 in select cinemas and then on May 7, 2019 on VOD.

Room for Rent finds Shaye playing lonely widow Joyce who in order to make ends meet has to rent a room out to Bob a drifter who she becomes dangerously obsessed with to the point that she creates a fantasy world around her. Things come to a head when her friend visits and betrays that fantasy, it leads to murder and the revealing of deep hidden secrets from Joyce’s past.

If you know someone who enjoys the movies on Lifetime, recommend this to them and I am sure they will love it! That is not putting the movie down at all, because anyone who enjoys good suspense will enjoy it as well. Lin does a fine acting job as Joyce, who runs the gambit of emotions as a new widow who tries to rebuild her life, but hit the prat falls of being a widow. Her range from sadness to happiness to all out rage happens in the blink of an eye – she is very versatile and wholly believable as Joyce. She also lifts this movie up from what would be a standard Lifetime type film to a sometime more.

Normally, I don’t watch many of these types of films, but I was able to really enjoy Room for Rent as a complete movie whose parts hit right notes to keep one interested.

Kenny Fasolo
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