HALLOWED GROUND is a Powerful Slow Burn

What a slow burn of a film Hallowed Ground turned out to be. In fact, in this reviewers view, it paid off in spades. If you are a fan of LGBTQ+ horror, this is for you.

The film deals with a married couple who go to a Native American getaway to work on their marriage after one of them has an affair with a man. They end up stumbling on a turf war between the retreat owners and their cultish neighbors, who protect their land by any means necessary… even sacrifice. They also have to face a homophobic lawman and his son who likes to harm animals. Then when things couldn’t get any worst, the man who had the affair with the lady also shows up – though, if I were them, I would have kicked him in the nuts and send him packing instead of saving his ass.

The only drawback to the film was the cultish neighbors, I felt that their backstory was a bit underdeveloped and one dimensional – not to mention, they looked like they belonged in a summer theatre production of The Devil’s Rain. Besides that, I feel that anyone who watches this will enjoy the story. This is a realistic horror film for the any of the LGBTQ+ crowd and anyone who digs this type of horror.

Kenny Fasolo
I'm a grumpy loudmouthed horror fan born in upstate NY, now living in South New Jersey with my girl. When I'm not mouthing off about horror, I also talk about wrestling, Eagles football, and the current state of America.
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