It takes a village to raise a child, or in in the case of 8: A South African Horror Story – to kill one.

Many of us are parents and with that comes sacrifice. Will, his wife Sarah and their adopted daughter Mary move to an inherited farm where they meet a loyal family farm hand by the name of Lazarus. Lazarus becomes fond of Mary and opens up about his tragic loss of his daughter. However, things with Lazarus quickly raise suspicion and has Sarah questioning the real motives as to why Lazarus is hanging around. Despite what Sarah feels and what the local villagers are saying, Will welcomes Lazarus and his help with open arms.

8 can retouch audiences with all it can bring to the dinner table, where it be sacrifice, love, moths or human souls. The movie has suspense and can keep viewers on the edge of their seats wondering what exactly it is that Lazarus is doing and what’s in that big bag that he keeps caring around. The feeling of needing one another and having someone to lean on, makes part of this movie great although it can quickly be lost in the wickedness and evil that is lurking… overall this movie gets a B in my book for originality and plot.

Jeremy Bryan
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