NMM SoundBytes: “Help is on the Way” and Joel Cuzzi is His Name

In the grand tradition of punk rockers and hardcore musicians moving into more intimate and stripped down music, Joel Cuzzi was born and bred on aggressive alternative, punk, and hardcore music, but decided to showcase his more contemplative side with his own folky post-punk style. As Full Time Beret, Cuzzi supported No Use for a Name’s Tony Sly on three national tours, but his latest albums have him turning to his given name and an even more introspective approach. Cuzzi’s close friend and mentor, No Use frontman Tony Sly passed tragically in 2012 and it forced Cuzzi to really look inward and refocus his musical efforts. Since that time, he’s released the best and most mature music of his career.

The lead track of his latest album, “Help is on the Way”, has a bit more alternative rock flair than some of the folkier oriented material on the album. It also have a distinct cowboy feel, Nita my in the drumbeat and vocals. And, while calling something alt-rock or cowboy music may not bring to mind Cuzzi’s friend Tony Sly, there’s something in the songwriting that feels influenced by No Use, even if it’s hard to put my finger on it.

You can listen to Cuzzi’s full Footprints album on Spotify now. Check out his website for upcoming shows and updates, too.

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