The Frightening Fun of Michael Goi’s MARY

Mary is a film in the tradition of The Amityville Horror, The Grudge, and The Shining in that the evil that the characters are meant to escape isn’t a human, but indeed the shelter in which they are taking refuge. The unique twist to Mary is that not just is there an evil entity looking to harm the family, but it’s a boat at sea which adds the extra fear of being truly trapped with nowhere to go.

There are some goose bump moments, as well as a few jumps that make the film frighteningly fun, but the steady pace of the movie delivers plot and thrills in a fairly equal measure keeping it from getting boring or allowing the viewer to get too complacent.

Horror movies can definitely be formulaic, and this does have some elements you might be familiar with, but Mary was unique enough to keep my attention and even provide a few chills!

Adam Bricker
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