Me and My Brother Review: WALL-E

[Editor’s Note: During this crazy COVID-19 pandemic, parents (like me) are trying like hell to find learning activities that are fun and keep kids busy. Watching movies is something our family love to do… and thanks, to, we found some great study guides to augment our daily learning. Here’s the final assignment from on of those movie guides, a tag team movie review from Cash and his little brother Weston with some specific questions to kick them off. Cash takes the lead, while Weston helps him out. Enjoy!]

Me and my brother Weston liked the movie Wall-E. So, Wall-E is a story about a little robot who was made for the purpose of cleaning all the trash that was left on earth by the humans. The humans now live in space (and have for 700 YEARS). Wall-E lives with his pet cockroach in a… well we think it’s a trailer. Then one day a robot named EVE comes to earth to search for plant life and Wall-E becomes friends with her. After that, EVE goes back to the spaceship that the people of earth lived in and Wall-E goes with her. Then, the robots that are with the humans take EVE to the captain. The auto pilot named “Auto” was instructed to not go back to earth by one of his previous captains (in other words he’s evil). But, Wall-E, Eve, the captain, and a bunch of other robots save the day and the humans and the robots head back to earth.

So, what we liked about this movie is the way Pixar told the story (it’s also just good cuz all Pixar movies are good, in general). My favorite part of this awesome movie is the part when the humans head back to earth and stop “Auto”. My brother’s favorite part is when everyone was sliding down the ship (He thinks it’s funny)!

Those were things we liked about the movie now it’s time for the bad stuff that we didn’t like. My least favorite thing about this movie is the beginning when Wall-E is alone with his pet cockroach. I just don’t like to see Wall-E alone all by himself. Well My brother’s least favorite thing about this movie is the old timey music. I think it’s fine, but I can get why Weston doesn’t like the old timey music.

Well that’s the pros and cons of the movie. This movie also taught us some lessons like, to never trust AI when they try to steal your only way back to earth, And, it also taught us to treat our planet better like, NO LITTERING. Well that’s our review of Wall-E. Thanks for reading! PEACE!

Wall-E is now streaming on Disney+.

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