THE WRETCHED is Terrifying and Mystifying

The Wretched follows a teenage boy, Ben, as he tries to find inner peace with the recent divorce of his parents. He’s sent to live with his dad for the summer who gets him a job at the local marina. The job is meant to instill discipline in the kid, but does not necessarily get the job done.

As he’s struggling to get adjusted to Summer life with his dad. Ben encounters strange activity from the neighbors renting the house out next door. After Ben finds out the child from next door is missing, he launches his own mission into figuring out the whereabouts of this child.

His first step was the logical approach of knocking on the neighbors door and asking. After getting the answer he least expected, he got more paranoid. And his desire to figure out what is going on with his neighbors only grew.

Even though he refused to admit to his dad about how he broke his arm earlier in the movie. He confided in his friend that he broke it ostensibly, by stealing Vicodin from his mom’s neighbor.

His addiction to painkillers don’t make him the most trustworthy person, even though he discovers valuable information towards the end of the movie. “He’s just high,” his dad says as Ben is desperately trying to win his trust.

The movie has an old school feel and when it’s not terrifying it’s mystifying. It’s a breath of fresh air to know horror movies can be made this way. Sometimes you have to learn the truth the hard way.

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