New Music Monday: She’s Excited!’s Anne Wichmann is in SHOCK THERAPY

Anne Wichmann is known to the world as She’s Excited! and her journey from Munich to Brooklyn is only a small part of her unique story that has led her to putting out dark IDM/EDM with the soul of Bowie and the edge of Aphex Twin. Her latest EP feature 2 originals and 3 remixes of the originals, all with different takes and feelings attached. Accompanying the 5 tracks are 5 unique videos, serving as a “visual EP” or sorts. Emotional, danceable, and full of life, She’s Excited! is a fantastic moniker for an artist who brings to us this vibrant release.

If I refuse to sleep, who’s gonna dream my dreams?

As this refrain is screamed and echos in the opening track “Add Clarity”, it’s literally impossible not to feel every note down deep. As the chorus breaks down back into the groove oriented verses, it’s equally impossible not to dance along let the bass overtake you. For me, this opener is the brightest spot on a truly fantastic set of 5 tracks… which may be ironic, as it’s not always all that “bright”.

The second track – “Whole” – doesn’t have the same fury, necessarily, but it’s also an extremely emotional and powerful song. “Whole” is the second of the 2 original tracks on the release and, with “Add Clarity”, it really establishes what She’s Excited!’s sound is all about. Fans of modern artists like Billie Eilish, as well as longer established artists like Bjork and the late era work of David Bowie will find a lot here to love. One wouldn’t be surprised to hear a song like these two from the likes of Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, or even Coil. There’s a pop influence and dancey feel, but also something darker and edgier there as well.

While She’s Excited!’s original version of both songs are the biggest highlights for me the EP also features 3 great remixes that take the songs in different stylistic directions. Cameron Gary’s remix of “Whole” feels like an EDM/House track that you’d hear at the club. Trovarsi’s live modular remix of “Add Clarity” certainly feels like you’d hear it at a club too, albeit having a more traditional techno flair and a pounding thump to it. Primitive Heart’s “Add Clarity” remix blends an old school techno feel with synth wave, creating a darker remix that doesn’t quite have the dark feel of She’s Excited!’s original but is far darker that then other remixes here. All three are quite unique and fun in their own ways.

The visuals for these tracks add another fantastic level, though the songs work great as strictly audio art, as well. You can find the EP on Spotify if you’re looking to enjoy it without the visuals. However, either way, it’s certain that She’s Excited! is an artist to look out for. She has edge, mainstream appeal, and tons of style. Whether in Brooklyn, Munich, or beyond, be sure to keep tabs on her through her website or on just about every social media platform.

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