SoundBytes: Detroit’s Jobbaloon Sings About “Days” in the Rain

In this repurposed classic video, Detroit garage pop rockers Jobbaloon sync their fanciful single “Days” up to Gene Kelly’s classic number about singing and dancing in the rain to great success. The tone of the song fits the vibe of the vibe well, but the most catchy thing about it all is the song itself. Available to stream now via all the usual suspects, “Days” is the closing track on the duo’s most recent release, The Invitation.

The duo in question, Joshua Achatz and Justin Squires, make beautiful, serious music – but surely don’t take themselves all that seriously. In one of the funniest artist bio’s this well tread music appreciator and reviewer they dissuade rumors that they worship Satan, waver back and forth on whether or not selling out it okay, and claim to be mostly on speaking terms with God.

They are not above making fun of their Detroit garage rock peers…nor are they beneath emulating them for commercial success. And while they are quick to impress audiences by bashing the music industry and vowing to never sign with a major label, they are fully prepared, with a plethora of excuses, for when they do.

“Days” is the first single, but I’d expect to see and hear more from this fun-loving pair. In the meantime, enjoy the video, listen to The Invitation, and laugh along with their ridiculous sense of humor.

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