SoundBytes: Cosmopolis Sucks You Dry with “Parasite”

This dark and ominous track from Cosmopolis is vastly different than the previous Cosmopolis tracks we’ve featured in SoundBytes and that’s ok. In fact, it’s more than okay, this track is fantastic. Whereas previous articles and reviews have compared Cosmopolis to Radiohead and highlighted the trip-hop influence, this latest track feels far more Nick Cave than anything previously noted in the band’s comparisons or influences.

With “Parasite”, the themes of obsession, dysfunction, and fear are ever-present and clear. What isn’t clear is where the pressure is coming from. Is this a battle within one’s soul? Is is a destructive relationship? What is clear is that something ominous and powerful is afoot. Dark lyrics accompanied with lush and beautiful music, in the tradition of troubadours like the aforementioned Nick Cave, the legendary Lou Reed, and many of the 80s goth greats.

The track dropped earlier this month and is another in a series of fantastic singles that are hopefully leading up to a full album for those of us anxiously awaiting the band’s step into full length releases. As each track broaden’s the band’s range, it’s certain that once that album finally drops, it surely won’t disappoint.

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