Vectralux Return with More Power Pop Delights

Our regular readers and followers may remember Vectralux from about a year back when we covered Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter. Out now on Bandcamp and releasing in the coming weeks on CD for the physical media hangers on, their new EP, The Subtle Extravaganza brings more of the infectious sound that caught The Farsighted’s ears in 2022.

With five new tracks, The Subtle Extravaganza continues the trend of catchy power pop that fans of the alternative pop acts like Pixies, Muse, or Keane that we lauded on their last release. Everything from Foo Fighters to Billy Joel to Plankeye comes to mind when trying to describe their sound… and while these are diverse acts, they all share one thing in common – the ability to write extremely catch pop hooks that will make you tap you toe involuntarily and find yourself singing along in no time at all.

The standout track for me is “Liquid Animal”. While I enjoy the whole EP, “Liquid Animal” really just hits perfect for me on this particularly Thursday morning. It is one of those songs that gets trapped in your head by the end of a single verse and you find yourself singing and humming all day.

The very “Big Me” flavored “Agonizing Reappraisal” isn’t too far behind on the top track list for me, either. Like the aforementioned Foo classic and “Liquid Animal”, this one is also an earworm that digs its way into you brain rather quickly. Both of these tracks foudn their way onto a few playlists of mine rather quickly. I suspect any fan of the bands listed above or similar rock acts with pop sensibilities will too find themselves snagging these two tracks… and perhaps all 5 of these tracks… for a few of their heavy rotation playlists, as well.

All in all, what we have with this EP is a fantastic set of 5 catchy songs for pop and rock fans. It’s really that simply. And, if Vectralux keeps kicking out release after release of material with this level of fantastic musicianship and catchy hooks, I’d be surprised if they didn’t become a household name in no time. Maybe in the near future you could see them opening up for The Killers or Kaiser Chiefs on a stage near you.

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