Antman Ant’s New Album Will Truly RESONATE With You

As the weekend plugs on and my writing and web projects continue to be at the forefront of my plans, Gianfranco Pescetti needs some friends to p0lay in the musical sandbox with. With a dancier and yet more ambient feel, the instrumental tracks that join the party (and the playlist) were from another new and exciting artist, West Sussex’s Antman Ant. The British EDM songsmith is another stellar addition to my instrumental work playlist… the playlist fueling my weekend.

Clocking in at just under an hour, Ant’s latest album, Resonate, feels equally inspired by vast ambient soundscapes and house music you many here in your favorite dance club. Ant’s ability to layer sounds while highlighting strong melodies throughout every track is nothing short of breathtaking. And, the beauty of instrumental music like this (other than my previous explanations of needing instrumental music to fuel my reading and writing projects) is that you are able to hear every sound and focus in, without being distracted by the lyrics and vocals. Sometimes a song is about the lyrics and the vocals, but you can lose what’s behind that forefront quite easily. In the case of instrumental music, the listener gets to experience every note, every instrument, every playful sound.

To be clear, the album does feature vocals, albeit sparingly, but the focus is never on the vocals. In fact, on the album, the vocals that do appear generally seem to be another instrument in Ant’s arsenal, layered and played with in much the same way. Though, for this particular moment in time, where vocals need not be in my ears while I crank out a variety of projects, it’s the instrumental tracks that I find myself most gravitating towards.

So far, I’ve experienced this album in two ways, both as a total picture and as individual tracks. With a few standout tracks that found their way onto my instrumental playlist (such as “Progressive Beats” and “In Abundance”), it seems the best manner to absorb this album is as an album. Playing front to back, the album ebbs and flows in a truly harmonious way – a way that shows Ant’s careful selection of song order, blending, and arrangement.

In short, this is a fantastic EDM album that fans of dance and ambient music alike will find truly beautiful.

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