NMM SoundBytes: Bad Sneakers Throw on Their “Tanooki Suit”

To be completely honest and fair with the new album from Bad Sneakers, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the complex yarn it’s spinning. A full on concept album that tells the story of a dimension known as Etherea that’s in grave turmoil. The Directorate, a powerful group hellbent on domination, has seized control of government and society, controlling through warped religious oppression. The album places Bad Sneakers as the heroes, freedom fighters per se, against this giant face of evil.

Some of this I picked up on my own and some of it I have gained through the press releases and info released about the album, but I admit the concept has me in its grasp. In fact, many listens later I find myself trying to decade exactly what’s going on. And, this isn’t because it’s confusing necessarily, it’s because its unique, interesting, and layered in such a way that I can’t help but come back for more and more.

Yet, today I bring to you, my humble Farsighted readers, but one track. The opener of the album of the same name, “Tanooki Suit”, is a groovy blend of lo-fi indie rock, funk, and electronic soundscapes that presents a unique worldview crafted around the elements of Satanism with a decidedly anime influenced aesthetic. This story and aesthetic continue through the rest of the album, but the opening track serves to set up a good expectation of what is to follow on the rest of 9 song release.

You can check out the full album by the anonymous weirdo artist known as Bad Sneakers at Spotify or follow them on Facebook for more info and unique, challenging music.

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