Out This Friday: Petty Human Emotions Drop Emotional and Not-So-Petty Debut Record

If you are in an indie rock band that cites Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr as influences, features a Bouncing Souls T-shirt prominently pictured in your images, and has earned comparisons to Weezer and Neutral Milk Hotel, it’s relatively certain that I am going to enjoy your music. With a decidedly lo-fi feel and a stripped down sound, there’s more 90’s alternative and indie influence on this album than you can shake a stick at.

The lead single – “Untitled” – dropped in February with an accompanying music video (which you can check out below). It’s raw, energetic, and catchy vibe are a good gauge for what you can expect with this upcoming album. while several songs follow this format, some of lower energy, slower tracks, but they all fit the same aesthetic and all put emotional lyrics and music at the forefront. There is a youthful angst and melancholy in their sound that transports oldheads like me back into the church halls, basements, and firehouses of my teens and 20s, where I watched indie bands of all shapes and sizes pour their hearts out to crowds that ranges from 10 kids to hundreds of folks each and every week.

All 11 tracks of the self-titled album are fantastic, but for me it’s the unbridled emotion and guitar solos of the 8-minute closer – “I’m Still Here” – that really hit me hardest. Soaring guitar solos, big booming rock outs, and emotionally raw vocals always seem to set it off for me, ever since my days of booking hardcore, punk, and various other indie acts as a teen. So, while all of the tracks here work both individually and as a cohesive album, I highly recommend playing the final track on repeat once the album drops this Friday, May 19th.

The album will be available Friday on the band’s Spotify page. They’ve also released a lyric video for the aforementioned “Sorry” to whet your proverbial whistles while waiting for the album to drop.

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