Sanjay Michael Reminds That Rock ‘N’ Roll Never Left the Party

With a new album on the way of the same name, Singapore rocker Sanjay Michael’s latest single “Rocking Into Midnight” dropped in May and it harkens back to an era of rock music that feels pure, fun, and full of life. With a sound reminiscent of the Mooney Suzuki penned title track from Jack Black comedy School of Rock or a less grimy version of the Sunset Strip sound of the late 80s and early 90s, Michael makes rock tunes that are damn near impossible to dislike and fully impossible to hate. With a purity that doesn’t seem to exist much in American rock anymore, this Malaysian rocker who traversed in the land of AC/DC for years before ending up in Singapore seems to understand what makes bands like the Aussie juggernauts of rock work so well. Thus, fans of AC/DC, Def Leppard, LA Guns, and any number of bands from that era are sure to find a new artist to rock out with in Sanjay Michael.

This lead single from the forthcoming album is a stellar introduction for listeners to understand what’s in store for them on July 7th. Michael’s new album kicks off with this eponymous track and it really sets the tone. With only a few slowed down tracks, the album is primarily filled with songs that feel much in the vein of this lead single… which is to say, they bring the straight-forward rock sound of a previous era back to the forefront. As Sanjay himself says:

Rock ‘n’ roll never left the party – it was just getting a drink at the bar!

Bookmark the album at your favorite retailer or streaming service by clicking here.

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