Stan Snow Urges Us to Be Open-Minded with New Track “Change”

Known to most of the world as a co-founder of Sundogswho we covered here in 2020 – Stan Snow is back with a new project that includes new and old collaborators from all over the globe. In his latest music video and single, he tackles the idea of “change” and what it could mean to this world if people embraced change and allowed themselves to open their minds to it.

Stan explains the song,

As our world changes day to day we have the opportunity to adapt and ask questions. Then, plot our course and our next move, in order to stay on the track that is most meaningful to us. Part of that process involves reassessing the way that we think. Should we change our mind about something? Are we too quick to judge? Is our way of thinking helpful or not? If people were more open minded and willing to see things from other’s perspectives, would there be less conflict?

It seems that so many people have dug into their positions and no amount of logic, data, or even life experience will allow them to change their minds. Could openness help quell so much of the unrest and fighting in this world? It seems like it would probably be a huge start to fixing the problems, but how do we get people to try to open their minds? I’m not sure and I’ll be neither is Stan… but using art to help people get there is definitely a great way to help out.

Check out “Change” above and head over to Bandcamp for the full album or to for more from Stan, Sundogs, and other related projects.

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