Holy Hell: Dillon Brown’s GHOST Declares War on the Devil

In the coming months, The Farsighted is officially going to launch a new found footage column, but today we’re here to wet your whistles for some hearty found footage deliciousness with the latest from Tahoe Joe filmmaker Dillon Brown. Releasing wide in July, the new found footage horror from Horror Dadz Production focuses on spiritual warfare and the literal murder of demons. For this horror nerd – a pastor’s son, religious horror junkie, and found footage fanatic – the recipe for Ghost feels almost as if concocted especially for me.

The film focuses on Ghost (Michael Rock), a Vatican commissioned soldier who battles demons and fallen angels, and his silent partner/cameraman Monk (filmmaker Dillon Brown). Brown’s Monk is mostly off-camera and has taken a vow of silence as part of his commission from the Church, which allows him to be a perfect vehicle for the found footage conceit of the film. Ghost’s former partner – Simeon (Toma Smith) has since disappeared, leaving Ghost to wonder exactly what happened. Ghost and Monk are joined by Eve (Amanda Morgan) for a mission to find and take out a deadly cult that is trying to bring the fallen angel Belial, one of the Bible’s most dangerous and deadly demons – always associated with great wickedness, some texts even identify Belial as Lucifer himself. They group soon finds out that the cult’s leader actually may have Simeon captive, as well… adding extra stakes to the mission.

Rock, Morgan, Brown, and the other supporting characters all play their roles well in this fun genre film that blends horror, action, and fantasy while diving into themes of faith, loss, and trust. With the feel of a great first person video game at times and a willingness to build its own version of spiritual world – borrowing Biblical texts, extra-Biblical texts, and original ideas – Ghost is a unique film that stands out in the found footage world.

Check out the trailer and stay tuned for future info and interviews and all types of madness, as we here at The Farsighted fully intend to remind you regularly about the film as it nears it’s release on July 9th!

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