Carry the Branches Drops Two Singles as ZOMBIE TELEGRAM Looms

Back in June, I covered what was was to be the first single of the new EP from Carry the Branches.The order of release of the singles changed – as things do – and there’s a really good chance you still haven’t heard that great single. On the other hand, two other incredible tracks from Sonar Mallory’s upcoming project and both are fantastic.

Working in reverser order, the latest is “Green Night”, which likely figures to be the leadoff track for the Zombie Telegram EP.

“Green Night” has a great New Wave vibe and works as a fantastic track to lead off an album. With a very Yeah Yeah Yeahs vibe musically, but Sonar’s distinct vocals, the track is probably this writer’s favorite from the upcoming EP.

The previously released track, “We’re Not Coming Back”, slows it down a bit, but really follows the same vibe and flow, complimenting “Green Night” and proving to be another strong track. While the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s comparison remains, something about the overall feel of the track harkens to underground alternative giants Polyphonic Spree and indie darlings The Neighbourhood. Fans of late 90s and early 2000s alternative music are certain to love this upcoming EP and this single in particular.

With the EP due out on December 13th – an excellent day in which this particular reviewer is celebrating his next birthday – it’s the perfect time to hop on board the music of Carry the Branches and truly celebrate the unique art of Brooklyn’s Sonar Mallory.

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