Despite Being 69 Years Old, Patrick Ames is “Young and Amorous”

We’ve covered the talented and catchy tunes of one Mr. Ames on several occasions here at The Farsighted, most recently in May. The singer/songwriter has a groovy flow, a knack for writing catchy songs, and an array of inspirations. At 69 years old, Patrick has seen quite a bit in his years, but he still writes and performs with a passion far greater than his younger counterparts. On his latest release, he’s dropped a pair of singles, with different themes and feels to them… but both fit right into the overall catalog of the extremely accomplished troubadour.

While the acoustic driven chill of “I Was Thinking” is certainly a welcome vibe for this hectic time of year, it’s “Young and Amorous” that catches me most. Something about the track feels very Tom Waits meets David Byrne to me… and those are both comparisons that should tell you that its a fantastic song that is both interesting and pleasant to listen to, while also packing interesting emotions and ideas in the lyrical content.

Listen to the track via Bandcamp above and follow more from Patrick Ames at

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