Saturday SoundBytes: Patrick Ames Will Find a Way… Somehow

Any readers of this site will remember great tracks from California wine country troubadour Patrick Ames that we’ve gushed about in previous years like “Will I Ever Be Noticed” and “Reawakened”. Ames has been making music for decades and we’ve been on him over here since about 2017. Thankfully, he just keeps putting out great music, so we keep lapping it up.

The latest track sees Patrick teaming up with longtime friend and collaborator Jon Ireson for a fun little Americana flavored joint called “Somehow I’ll Find a Way”. Patrick describes the track as a:

…campy song [that] involves a songwriter writing a song about quitting songwriting while driving home from a gig he just quit. Playful and catchy, you’ll be playing and singing this in the car, playing air drums on the steering wheel rim.

Upbeat and pop-oriented, the song truly is infectious, which is nothing new if you know Patrick’s music. His knacks for writing catchy songs that get stuck in your head for days is somewhat astounding.

Check out for show dates, updates, and everything Patrick James or head right to Spotify to add to your playlists post haste!

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