Get Out of the Cold and Head to “Florida” with The Dark Fruits

As it continues to get colder all over the US and Canada, it may be nice to transport ourselves to somewhere warmer. Maybe we can’t afford to go that physically, but sometimes a little mental vacation can help a little bit. And, with that I present the new music video from Canadian indie rockers The Dark Fruits… “Florida”:

The track comes from their new album Warm Weather Starter Pack and presents a jangly pop tune that certainly feels warmer than these snowy months many of us are entering. Whereas their first album drew comparisons to classic rockers like The Kinks and The Zombies, this sophomore effort feels more like Weezer or Elvis Costello than it does the tunes of that classic era. Of course, that doesn’t mean the classics don’t still lend their inspiration. On this track alone, shades of The Flaming Lips and The Beach Boys are as evident as the aforementioned Weezer and Costello.

The track and the whole album are available now on Spotify and you can follow more from this great Canadian trio at

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