Alex Garland, Sci-Fi/Horror Madness, and a Chance to Win ANNIHILATION on Blu-Ray

It’s just us today, Blaine and Justin… on an episode that Justin was supposed to get out on, like, Monday. Sorry about that and sorry if you missed the amazing Memorial Day sale from our sponsor, Vinegar Syndrome. Don’t fear, though… they still have mad awesome swag over at their site, they even announced some new titles this week.

Our other sponsor this week is the Netflix/Paramount Pictures film Annihilation.

Yes, THAT Annihilation… and we’re giving away a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack to one of you lucky listeners. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Share any of our episodes on a social media platform of your choice.
  2. Tag us in the post and/or share a link to that post in the comments below.

THAT’S IT! Just share any of the episodes from our first year (yeah, it’s been a whole damn year since we started this thing). We’re so thankful that you have been with us for this first year and we look forward to many more to come.

Get you entries in by this time next week, because we’ll be announcing the winner when we post the next episode.

And… if you share multiple episodes or share on multiple platforms, we’ll enter your name as many times as you do! Spread the message of the Grindhouse Messiah and ye shall be rewarded… with SWAG!

And with that, we hope you enjoy this week’s dive into the one-two punch of filmmaker Alex MF’n Garland, a sci-fi/horror legend in the making.

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40 Replies to “Alex Garland, Sci-Fi/Horror Madness, and a Chance to Win ANNIHILATION on Blu-Ray”

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      I just checked out your links. They are actually not Grindhouse Messiah episodes. They are another network podcast called Victims and Villains. I’ll gladly count your entry through! Just hope you check out the GM stuff too.

      What are a few of your fave films? Maybe I can suggest a good episode to start with.

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