CAGEMATCH, Episode 1: The Unbearable Weight of Starting a Podcast

We’re finally here… for better or for worse… the inaugural episode of the podcast where we ask the important questions:

Is Nicolas Cage a legitimate acting genius?
An utter piece of silver screen trash?
Or somewhere in between?

This month we try to keep it relatively spoiler free for the new Cage flick The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and we introduce a bit about the podcast and the hosts! We hope you enjoy the podcast… even if you don’t enjoy Nic Cage!

SPECIAL THANKS to The O’Mulligans for allowing us to use their fantastic track “Cage Rage” as our new official theme song! Listen to “Cage Rage” on Bandcamp and support the band!

Follow us on Instagram at @cagematchpodcast to be a part of the show. We’ll have polls for next month’s CAGE-O-METER rating, future giveaways, and much more. You can check out Merder, Justin, and The Farsighted over there too.

The Farsighted is also on Twitter and Facebook too, so join the discussion.

We’ll see you next month with Con-Air, as recommended by local author Jon Marshall.

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