CAGEMATCH, Episode 11: We Kick Off a New Era with WILLY’S WONDERLAND

We’re officially a trio and we even have a schedule and a format now. With episodes set to drop the first week of each month, actual outlines for what we are discussing, and all that jazz, we’re kinda like a REAL PODCAST now! But it’s time for the important questions…

Is Nicolas Cage a legitimate acting genius?
An utter piece of silver screen trash?
Or somewhere in between?

On this month’s episode, we find out if Merder may actually enjoy Nic if he keeps his mouth shut, if Loki can put up with Merder and Justin long enough to make this trio thing work, and if y’all want a free copy of this awesome movie on Special Edition 4K and Blu-ray!

Enjoy the episode and stay tuned to the CAGEMATCH Instagram later this week for details on scoring a copy of this gem from SCREAM FACTORY!

And check out Rockstar Roller Derby, where Merder and Loki skate (and Justin rambles on Twitch)! Join the Fresh Meat program, come out to an event, or watch events on our Twitch stream!

SPECIAL THANKS to The O’Mulligans for allowing us to use their fantastic track “Cage Rage” as our official theme song! Listen to “Cage Rage” on Bandcamp and support the band!

Follow us on Instagram at @cagematchpodcast to be a part of the show. We’ll be posting more over there now and will have more opportunities for giveaways and other fun stuff over there, too! You can check out Loki, Merder, Justin, and The Farsighted over there too.

The Farsighted is also on Xitter (pronounced “shitter”) and Facebook too, so join the discussion.

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